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~My Long Trail 2001 Gear List~

After the Hike Gear Reviews

Item Description Weight (lbs, oz.)
Backpack An older (circa 1998) significantly modified Dana Design Glacier (no top pocket, zippers and webbing cut, sternum strap cut, divider taken out, etc)-cut down to the bare minimum w/ trashbag rain cover 5,0
Sleeping Bag North Face Blue Kazoo- 20 degree down bag (only bag I have ever owned) 3,0
Tent North Face Canyonlands-I own a tarp and use it often, but have not yet decided to use it for the trip. Because I plan on avoiding shelters whenever possible, I will probably be more comfortable in a tent but I really don't know the frequency in which I will actually be able to use a tent on the LT. 3,15
Sleeping Pad Z-Rest 3/4- Very comfy and nice because of the fact that I can fold it and put it in my pack! 0,11.5
Groundcloth Piece of nylon trimmed to size to fit underneath tent as added protection against moisture and abrasion. 0,2
Stove, accessories, and empty fuel bottle Homemade alcohol pepsi-can stove that uses denatured alcohol and Al winscreen, wire pot support, foil heat reflector, lighter and Nalgene 16oz fuel bottle 0,3
Cookpot and utensils Evernew Titanium 1.3 L pot w/ plastic spoon in homemade 1.1 oz stow bag (to keep soot off everything) 0,6
Water Purification Aquamira- Though I don't plan on using it often, preferring to drink directly from source, I will tote it for "emergency" use 0,3
Water Carriers Platypus 2.4 L bottles (x2) and Platypus 1 L (x2)- I will carry these as my main bottles for during the day (the two smaller ones) and for water at camp (the larger ones) 0,3
Flashlight CMG Infinity -though there are lighter LED lights (ie photon), the CMG uses an inexpensive AA battery that will last for 40 hrs. The photon-like lights burn for half that time on 2 pricey lithiums. 0,2 w/ battery
Knife Victorinox Classic-really the best knife that anyone could possibly want. 0,0.8
Office Guidebook section (ripped out of book), journal pages for distance between resupplies w/ 2 bic pens, liscense, money, calling card, candles 0,6
Camera and accessories Olympus Stylus Epic, 400 speed color print film (1 roll/3 days), air brush (to clean lens), spare battery 0,8
Food Stow Bag Mesh. Because I don't plan on hanging my food, I decided that all I really wanted was a durable and lightweight bag that wouldn't rip like a plastic grocery bag 0,1
First Aid Kit Homemade-including small vile hydrogen peroxide, Purell hand santizer, TP, small vile antifungal solution, perscription poison ivy meds, Imodium AD, vitamins, acne meds, bandaids, 2nd skin, lip balm, crazy glue in resealable bag 0,8
Repair Kit small amount of ducktape, some heavy needles, and some thread 0,1
Emergency Firestarter Kit small birthday candle, matches 0,0.5
Face Towel Packtowel brand- Can really wring a lot of water out of it! 0,1.7
Toiletries Dr. Bronners in a small vile, toothbrush, toothpowder, floss, retainers, acne cream, extra disposable contacts 0,5
clothing bag plastic bag 0,1.5

Clothes (*means that it was on my body almost 24 hours a day)

Type Brand and Model Weight
*Shoes Montrail TRS Comp running sneaks w/ OR Low Gaiters 2,6 /pair
*Socks 2 sets lightweight polyester with polypro liners and also one heavier pair for sleeping 0,6 (1 set worn)
Hat and gloves Lightweight fleece ski hat and thin fleece gloves 0,4
Long undies (t+b) American Eagle polyster- Hey, I got them on clearence for $5 a piece 0,16
Rain jacket Marmot Precip jacket- as an EMS employee, I got it cheap 0,13
*Shirt Ex Officio- Last minute decision- wanted something that I could unbutton in the heat and that had roll-up sleeves for when the bugs weren't buzzin. 0,8
*Watch Ironman-important for its alarm and timer 0,2
*Shorts/Pants EMS convertible 0,10
*Trekking Poles EMS Alpinists- Due to knee problems, I opted to invest in some good poles that will take a lot of stress off my lower extremities 0,11/pole
Fleece Really lightweight fleece sweater 0,9

Total Weight w/o Food and Water

18, 15

Max Trail Weight with 10 lbs. Food and 4 lbs. Water and 1 lb. fuel

35, 0

In a lot of cases I sacrificed the "the ultimate, most expensive, best gear" for stuff that was more affordable or things that I already had or things that could be cheaply made. In some cases, I bought expensive stuff. Though this list may be a little bit more than I actually need to successfully hike, I just wanted to be sure that I did not skimp because it was my first long distance hike. After I have the LT under my belt, I am sure that there will be numerous things that I will change next time, but that is knowledge that will be useful come time for the AT, PCT, CDT, LP, etc...