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~Long Trail 2001 Roll One Photos~

The photos contained on this page span from the very beginning of my hike up the Pine Cobble approach trail in Williamstown, MA to my first resupply point which was Manchester Center, VT. Though the southern sections of the trail were relatively mild compared to the more rugged, northern terrain, since I was just getting in "trail shape" and adjusted to life on the trail, this section was pretty difficult, both mentally and physically.

Note- Click on the thumbnail photo for a full size version

This is the photo that my mom took of me at the Pine Cobble trailhead in Williamstown. It was a very exciting and, at the same time, sad moment for me.

Though it is very difficult to see, this is me standing next to the sign that marks the beginning of the Long Trail at the MA/VT border. The other sign to the right is a sign welcoming hikers to the Green Mountain National Forest.

A close-up of the same sign reading, "A Footpath in the Wilderness- The Long Trail- A scenic hiking trail that starts here and follows the Green Mtn. range for approx. 263 miles north to the Canadian border. White painted blazes mark the trail, side trails blue blazes. The (symbol for Appalachian Trail) follows the Long Trail for approx. 97 miles, then at Sherburne Pass, turns east. Information about the Green Mtn. Club and LT guidebook- The Green Mtn. Club, Inc.- RR1 Box 650, Route 100, Waterbury Center, VT. 05677

A photo of Congdon Shelter- the second shelter on the LT and the one I stayed in my first night out.

A sign for the AT/LT

Me standing atop the firetower on Glastenbury Mtn. which is about .3 miles further up the mountain than Goddard Shelter.

A view from the Glastenbury firetower

Goddard Shelter- where I stayed my second night on the trail. The view from here made up for the swarms of blackflies!

A very beautiful shot of a misty morning in the forest. This one is my mom's favorite!

The plaque on top of Stratton Mountain

The newly built Stratton Pond Shelter. I had the worst night of sleep on the entire trail here due to the hacksaw-snoring that was taking place.

Stratton Pond. In foreground are Survivor (right) and his trail partner/ girlfriend whose name I cannot recall.

Me looking all happy crossing a river by bridge.

Rest break by the side of the trail....God, that flash makes me look possessed!

Cool bridge self-photo