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~Long Trail 2001 Roll Two Photos~

These photos are from the second part of my hike: Manchester Center, VT to Sherburne Pass, VT, where the Appalachian Trail and Long Trail split, the AT heading east away from the Green Mountains and into Vermont and the Long Trail continuing north to Canada. Personally, I thought that this section was one of the most fun on the trail. I met some great people, hiked my first ever 23+ mile day, and stayed at some awesome campsites. It was all good (not that any of the trip was NOT all good)!

Note- Click on the thumbnail photo for a full size version

Though this shot may look like the trail meanders through a grassy meadow, it is really climbing steeply up Bromley Mountain. Because I was going to camp on top of the mountain and the nearest water source was a mile south, I hauled 16 pounds of water up that mountain.

A shot of one of the trail markers atop Bromley.

After a long and steep climb hikers are greeted not by open spaces and natural views, but by the "fruits of technology". Disgusting.

This is the Bromely Ski Patrol hut that I decided to camp inside. Though it was very windy that night, the hut kept me warm and sheltered.

A self-portrait atop the firetower right next to the patrol hut.

Inside the hut and doing some journal writing after I spoke with my mom (Yes, there was a telephone in the hut!).

A view of my personal quarters inside the hut. No one else stayed there that night!

The beautiful sunset seen from Bromley that night. It was really spectacular.

A photo of me taken by a day hiker. Mt. Dorset (which the trail does not go over) is in the background.

A cool bridge crossing en route to Griffith Lake where I was supposed to say hi to the caretaker, Kate, because her mom gave me a hitch back to the trail from Manchester Center.

Little Rock Pond

A shot of Little Rock Pond Shelter (which, 20 years ago, used to be on the island in the middle of the pond). The women in the photo was just out for a night or two.

A very neat little rock garden right at the junction of the LT and a spur trail leading to White Rock Cliffs.

Crossing this suspension bridge over Clarendon Gorge I felt like Indiana Jones! It swayed and bounced and creaked just like in the movies.

Trail Magic! Upon coming to this brook crossing, I saw a garbage bag hanging from a nearby tree and was annoyed that someone would leave their garbage on the trail. However, after reading the note on the tree nearby I realized that a "hiking gnome" had left us hikers cold sodas in the brook and wanted us to put our garbage in the bag. One of the coolest and nicest things I experienced on the trail!

A "night shot" of the living room of the Inn at Long Trail at Sherburne Pass. What a beautiful, inexpensive, and hospitable place for hikers! God, the food there was also some of the best I have ever eaten. Kudos to the McGrath couple for running such a fabulous place.

A photo of Joe the bartender at the Inn and the Irish pub bar.

As you can see from this photo, I was really disappointed to finally get my tent back. I mean, jeez, to be bug free at night is such a drag!